Supportive Housing of Waterloo

Website design, copywriting, video production

"Nigel spent quite a bit of time with several SHOW residents listening to their stories, hearing about how SHOW has impacted them, and learning about who they are as individuals. While Nigel stated that he was humbled and honoured to have met SHOW residents and earn their trust, it was SHOW staff who were humbled and honoured by the care and compassion with which Nigel treated our residents. SHOW resident Shawn had this to say about the time he spent with Nigel: 'He's just so alive...being around him made me feel alive.'"
Leigh-Ann Christian, Supportive Housing Of Waterloo, Donor Engagement Coordinator

When Supportive Housing of Waterloo said they needed a new, more engaging website, I suggested adding more content about their residents, the very people they help every day. I met with, interviewed and photographed some SHOW tenants before writing about them, before the moved into their new homes and how safe, stable housing had improved their lives.

I produced two videos for SHOW's 2022 holiday fundraising campaign, featuring residents who had previously experienced homelessness.