Wilmot residents quiz Terry Fox's brother, Darrell Fox

Terry Fox's younger brother, Darrell Fox, answered questions from local residents, which were read to him by Wilmot Terry Fox Run organizer, Nigel Gordijk. The recent question and answer session is from an ongoing series of interviews posted on social media, as part of Wilmot's celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope.

Previous guests include Terry's niece Kirsten Fox, and his friend Bill Vigars, who was the public relations organizer for the Marathon of Hope. Gordijk will be posting more videos soon, including one with author Eric Walters, who created the Terry Fox National School Run Day, and an interview with Terry's older brother, Fred Fox.

"I usually come up with questions for guests myself," said Gordijk, "but I opened Darrell's interview up to the public because he's Terry's brother."

Gordijk put out a call for questions from the community on Facebook a few weeks ago, and he read a selection that was sent by Ginny Dybenko, Chris Ehrat, Harold O'Krafka, and Susan Sutherland. "These are great questions," said Fox, as he answered submissions from Grade 3 and 4 students at Forest Glen P.S.

The Talking Terry series is online at www.wilmotterryfox.ca/talkingterry.

Terry Fox's older brother, Fred Fox

Terry Fox's older brother, Fred Fox.