Terry Fox rocks: Wilmot’s Sharon Graham pays tribute to the Canadian and Métis icon

By Nigel Gordijk  Monday, June 6, 2022

(Photo: Nigel Gordijk)

(Photo: Nigel Gordijk)

New Hamburg resident Sharon Graham’s creative hands have crafted a tribute to Terry Fox, painted on three rocks that will be displayed at the Wilmot Terry Fox Run’s booth during Canada Day in Wilmot celebrations.

The largest rock depicts the familiar silhouette of Fox running, while the other two show a red, Canadian maple leaf, and a white, Métis infinity symbol on a blue background, both of which represent his ancestry.

“I started painting rocks just a few months ago,” said Graham, adding that she learned the skill from social media.

The rock designs were created with acrylic paints and paint pens, and then protected with a high-gloss spray acrylic sealer.

Graham said she first heard about Fox when he arrived in Mississauga, where she lived, in 1980.

“I remember being so impressed and teary-eyed when he passed through on his Marathon of Hope. I’m thrilled that his name, legacy, and mission to cure cancer is kept alive in Wilmot and across our great country.”